U-Turn for Christ is a non-profit, 501c3 non-denominational drug and alcohol rehabilitation ministry for adult men located on the island of Kaua'i, Hawaii.  A 24-hour a day, live-in working ranch dedicated to obedience, integrity, accountability and community service, we do not discriminate as to race or religion, and consideration will be given to all men over the age of 18 for recovery.  We cannot accept men that have been convicted of a sexual offense.

A Different Approach (Excerpt from U-Turn For Christ, by Gerry Brown)

"U-Turn For Christ is different from a typical alcohol and drug rehabilitation program. Our main goal is to help a person restore fellowship with the One who created them ---which ultimately leads to their sobriety. U-Turn For Christ is a ministry of restoration ---not a rehab. Drug and alcohol rehabilitation facilities may help a person with an addiction, but they don't cure a person's sinful nature. If there isn't repentance of sin, that same person will become "addicted" to other things, such as smoking cigarettes, eating disorders, gambling, pornography ---the list can go on and on. When a person gets cleaned up, that's great. We love it and celebrate with them. But if an addict doesn't find peace with God through the gospel, their life remains bound in sin. What have they really gained? Where will they be in the end?"
We have two major phases:

8-month program commitment consists 2 phases, but all months are mandatory. A full commitment to the 8 months is required as we have found that a true U-Turn happens during this time. 
1st Phase of a minimum mandatory commitment of 60 consecutive days in the program, based on compliance and completion of required assignments, essays and absolute sobriety.  Men go out in the morning on work crews to paint in the community, both commercial and residential painting jobs that are contracted to the ministry.
2nd Phase consists of a six month commitment to reinsert the men into society.  Men in 2nd Phase also live on the ranch in a bunkhouse. Some of the requirements of 2nd Phase are to continue to work on ministry jobs, which includes painting both commercial and residential, serve at the church, attend Bible studies, group sessions, services and of course to maintain complete sobriety.  There is support and accountability to help achieve this in a loving atmosphere of brotherly camaraderie.  Cost for the mandatory 8-months is $3450. and the men pay rent after the first 60 days, as they start to earn an income from working with a painting contractor firm. This also can go on their resume upon graduation.

The big difference that U-Turn for Christ provides is that the men are put in real life situations through working and participating in the community. When stresses, frustrations and the desire to escape occurs, the men are taught how to deal with these strong emotions through relying on God and His strength instead of using drugs and alcohol to anesthetize themselves.
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Contact us for more information and to check availability: 
951-204-2165 (Intake Coordinator's Cell)  UturnforChristKauai@gmail.com 
Pastor Gerry Brown, Founder, & Pastor Alex Young, Retired Director
Pastor Keone, Director & Jeanne