Check back here often to read more testimonies that are added of lives that have been impacted and empowered by God through the ministry of U-Turn for Christ Kaua'i.  Please email us with your testimony of how God used U-Turn for Christ to administer His grace and mercy in your life!

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Meet Pastor Alex and Jen,
Pastor & Counselor
U-Turn for Christ Kauai
I have experienced the bondage of addiction in my own life, from an early age.  I was fortunate enough to grow up in a Godly home, but between my siblings and cousins, there were 16 children in our house, which created many challenges for our family.  I began drinking with friends when I was 14 and by the time I was 17, I had become a father and a husband.  Even though I looked like a man, I was not yet ready for the responsibilities of a family; the pull of the ‘party’ scene tempted me away from my family and I become deeply entrenched  with alcohol.  

Throughout my twenties and early thirties, I became an alcoholic, eventually a drug dealer, and finally a drug addict.  At the end of my downward spiral, I was homeless.  After many lost years to addiction, I was completely humbled and broken, and finally surrendered my life to Jesus and entered the U-turn for Christ program in California in 2002. 

I was not only restored to God, but also to my father and son, and extended family.  Relationships that I had once thought were beyond repair, were suddenly given back to me, by the Grace of God.  I was blessed to spend 2 years under the discipleship of Gerry Brown, founder of UTFC, and eventually raised up to be the overseer of the UTFC program in Perris, California.  

After being the overseer of the Perris facility for 2 years, I had the opportunity to come to Kauai and help start a U-Turn ‘camp’ here on the Garden Island.  

As the retired Senior Pastor of the Kauai UTFC, I got an unspeakable joy from being an instrument in God’s hand as He has restored men’s lives back to their spouses, children, families and their communities.  My vision was to give that same opportunity that was afforded me by God to those who are caught in this epidemic of drugs and alcohol plaguing the very core of our society.  

After some medical challenges last year, I was able to turn over the Directorship to the capable hands of Pastor Keone Coloma. He and his wife Jeanne are dedicated to serving the men that come to the program with a heart to make a true "U-Turn for Christ"!

I came through U-turn for Christ Kauai in 2007, not knowing who God was and never reading the Bible. I was full of worldly lust of the flesh, lust of eyes and pride of life. I thought I had just joined a cult, as I felt like I was watching people talk to the air as they were praying to God. As the Lord softened my heart I began to realize that they were really praying to Him who was listening.  God began to teach me His word as I continued to surrender to what He had for my life. I was blind but then I could see. As I grew in the ministry back and forth I came to the realization that God wanted me to offer my self as a spiritual sacrifice, He wanted everything from me and now I continue to search myself and give Him all of me on a daily basis.  I am not perfect, I struggle but in my weakness He is my strength and I can do all things through him that strengthens me.  God used U-Turn for Christ Kauai to draw me to Him!

Call us for more information and to check availability: Intake Coordinator Ceci 951-204-2165 cell

"I could never thank God enough for what he has done through U-Turn for Christ for me and the people in my life.  While involved with drugs, I was lost.  After going through the UTFC program, I was able to restore broken relationships in my life.  Most say that they “graduate” from the program, but I wanted to stay for a season and help minister to others so they can get help like I did. ”  
Larry B UTFC graduate

“I’m a local boy that was a drug addict and dealer, but I got saved and after a year and two months of being sober God called me to go to U-Turn for Christ. I was very confused as to my purpose with UTFC, but after one month everything became clear. I was raised up to the head overseer for a season, and now am deep in the Word, growing every day and am very blessed to have worked with U-Turn for Christ after attending the program”. 
Andrew K -  UTFC graduate

Meet Jimmy
A Mom's Perspective:
After nearly 4 years of sorrow, anguish, and never-ending worry, our son entered the U-Turn for Christ program in Kauai, Hawaii and finally turned back to the Lord.
My husband and I had moved to Kauai earlier in the year and every few Sundays, we would see these men in orange shirts in church. I wasn't really sure who they were but I didn't pay them much attention. Then one Sunday there was a video describing a hurricane that had decimated the Philippines and during the video, we learned that U-Turn for Christ had been helping out with the cleanup. I quickly googled it and the hair on my arms stood up. I didn't hear a single word of the sermon that day - I was too excited for the service to end so I could tell my husband what I had discovered. A Christian based service that helps men turn back to Christ from addiction and wandering away from the Lord. And there was one located ON KAUAI!
I sat down to email our son that day - we were fearful that he would (again) declare that he didn't have a problem and that he was OK. He wasn't. Living in a moldy tent in the woods of western WA he was a wreck. Cold, hungry, sick - and addicted. Our fears were in vain... the Lord had it all under control. That very Sunday, he hit rock bottom - when he went to the library the next morning to use the internet, there was an email from us. He read through it and said YES. 
It took a few weeks to get him approved for the program and arrangements made to fly him from WA to HI but finally, he arrived just a few days before Christmas and we were able to drop him off into the care of the men at the Kauai U-Turn ranch. The relief I felt as we handed him over was all-encompassing. I cried harder at that moment than I had in the 4 years prior. He was finally SAFE.
He completed the program and has been sober since then. After completion, he told us that his plan that first day on the ranch was to skate through and then go back to doing whatever he wanted. God had other plans and at very first meeting around the fire that night, He reached down and reclaimed him.
U-Turn taught him how to handle his problems without turning to drugs or alcohol. He is faithful about attending church and spending time in the Word - due to the lessons and habits he learned during his time in U-Turn. The pastors and leaders genuinely cared about him, his well-being, and his walk with the Lord. U-Turn would not be what it is without these men. Faithful, loving, caring stewards of God. The intake person, Ceci, was a joy to work with and thanks to her, our son was able to enter U-Turn and reclaim his life.
Not only is he sober, he has a job and is a top-employee and this coming October, he's marrying the sweetest gal imaginable. He will be sober 4 years this December and we thank God daily that He saw fit to save our son. Without U-Turn, I have no idea would be now or if he would even be alive. I would recommend U-Turn for Christ to anyone who needs to turn back to the Lord from addiction, sin, or anything else that is binding them and holding them down. U-Turn changed our lives forever and we are eternally grateful. C Funderburg 2017

Tim & Tessa Funderburg with Mom, Cheryl